K60MS Multifunction Foldable Motorized Treadmill



Classification:Home Use Treadmills

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Power: 2.5HP

Speed ​​Range: 1~16 km/h

Incline Range: 0~15%

Running Surface: 130×46 cm

Max. Load: 135 kg

Net Weight: 73 kg

Gross Weight: 83 kg

Product Dimensions: 192×78×137 cm

Packing Size: 190×83×35 cm

20GP(28m³):50 pcs

40HQ(68m³):123 pcs

◆ 1850W low noise DC motor.

◆ Equipped with multiple humanized safety protection devices, it can automatically stop after 5 minutes of no-load operation, which is safe and energy-saving.

    Environmental friendly.

◆ Fashionable appearance, the whole machine is thick, round and comfortable with PU armrests.

◆ High-sensitivity handheld heart rate measurement and handlebar speed and slope adjustment functions.

◆ It adopts blue backlight LCD display and has 24 intelligent running programs.

◆ Added tablet support stand to enjoy free entertainment.

◆ High-fidelity audio and Bluetooth music input functions.

◆ Smart fans increase the supply of oxygen during aerobic exercise and promote indoor air circulation.

◆ Adopt transformerless electronic control technology that consumes less energy, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and has a wider applicable voltage range.

◆ Kanglin's second generation new multi-composite super shock absorber system, double-layer treadmill, stable and comfortable.

◆ New one-click customization functions (one-click body shaping, relaxation, warm-up, etc.)

    Your fitness wish can be easily fulfilled with one click.

◆ Through step counting and real-time monitoring, exercise effects and safety protection can be scientifically and effectively improved.

◆ Hydraulic folding belt locking device.

◆ Ergonomic sit-ups, massage and other functions.

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