To win the 2018, the GT3 treadmill is coming! Pubdate:2023-08-09 14:28

To win the 2018, the GT3 treadmill is coming!

Designed in European and American fashion style, the appearance is stable, thick, tough and majestic, like a fast-moving sports car; the double-C line is simple, stylish and dynamic, bringing you a strong visual impact and instantly inspiring your sports passion.

When the new Android system meets the treadmill, it will be a perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and running sports. This series of products uses a fully embedded Android operating system, supports WIFI Internet access, supports audio, video playback and web browsing, and provides a 3D real-scene simulation running mode to make the sense of movement more colorful.
Intelligence comes first, open a new world of interconnection
Synchronously collect indoor treadmill and outdoor exercise data, effectively and scientifically manage personal fitness plans. Generate scientific running fitness (training) plans for different user needs. Simulate outdoor race routes, heart rate control mode and other functional modes that traditional treadmills do not have.Experience first, bravely create new design ingenuity
The new one-key customization function (for example: one-key body sculpting, one-key relaxation, one-key warm-up), so that the fitness wishes of different people and different needs can be easily handled with one click.
Increase the oxygen supply during aerobic exercise and promote indoor air circulation. Increase your exercise time and exercise more comfortable.
Front treadmill shock absorber: The treadmill itself absorbs vibration and noise, which can fully absorb the vibration of the whole machine during running, and enhance the comfort of the treadmill.
Central area suspension shock absorption: The use of elastic force in line with human engineering can effectively control the gravity during running within the acceptable range of the ankle.
Rear rebound shock absorber: It has a strong resilience to avoid the gravity generated by the back kick during running and damage to the human knee joint.

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